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Anna Otton is a brand that creates subtle fashion with soft, feminine lines, inspired by elements of the world of art, architecture and tasteful design. The original cuts are drawn in the spirit of slow fashion with great care. On the other hand, the original patterns, transferred to fabrics by digital printing, are hand-painted by the designer herself.

Anna Otton is not only aesthetics, but also a balanced approach to design. All clothes are sewn in a small, local sewing room with the use of carefully selected, natural materials of high quality. Each of the collections is created in limited series and with great care for every smallest detail. Projects are created to be enjoyed longer than one season.

The founder of the brand is Anna Otton, a graduate of one of the most prestigious fashion schools in the world – University of the Arts London: London College of Fashion. She perfected her skills working in the British fashion industry, and she owes her aesthetics to numerous travels around the world. Growing awareness of challenges of the fashion market and large amounts of creative energy prompted the designer to create her own brand based on the principles corresponding to her sensitivity. Since 2022, she has been designing and sewing collections signed with her own name.

“I use fabric because it offers a wealth of cuts, textures, colors and patterns that I can shape freely. Exploring these opportunities responsibly is just as important to me as the project itself.”

– Anna Otton